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  1. jsimon

    Dahua 16ch NVR

    You can try to setup 3 cameras in 1080p an 2 cameras on 720p, this configuration must work. Also Dahua has an equipment that support 128 cameras on D1 or 32 on 1080p http://www.dahuasecurity.com/products/nvr60006000d6000dr-3.html
  2. I installed Geovision GV-BX220D, is a Box camera 2 MP with a 2.8-11 MP lens, 30 fps, it really works perfect. You can do many adjusts on this camera for differents situations.
  3. jsimon

    Geovision Iphone app out....

    in live view: 80, 8866. I have down my firewall, antivirus, etc. If any one have luck with support of Usavision of Geovision, please help of us all?
  4. jsimon

    Geovision Iphone app out....

    I do have the same problem that you have in live view, I do have Admin password and in live view I can login, I receive the password or Ip error, but in Remote playback I can get in without a problem, I just think is little slow, and i'm using local network. My server version 8.20, today I'm going to upgrade to 8.30, maybe this is the problem.
  5. Today I received a couple of emails offering me Dvrs in very good price, made in Korea, they promote this Codec DMX as better than H.264 and MPEG4, and normally Korean DVRs are not bad products.
  6. jsimon

    Need older version of GV800 software please

    Old geovision Cards doesn't have serial number, look in the card for the version, if is a V2 card probably you have one of them. If not look in the chip for a sticker it shoul said "sp" or "s1" if sp you need 6.05 software if "S1" you have to use 6.11. There are many sites one the web where you can download them, just do a search in google like"download geovision 6.11"
  7. Hi, I have a good one here, I been thinking lots, and I really don't know what really happens here. Today I installed a PTZ on a PIPE 20 feet with UTP cat 5 and the balun on it, I send the Power on a different wire so no mix on signals or something to be related with power line. I start the PTZ it moves (auto check) but I didn't receive Video, so I went up with my 7 inch monito and plug it directly to the ptz via RG59 patch (not using the video balun) and still no video, so I was thinking I have a problem with my Ptz, so I took it down to the floor and start it again and try it, this time, same conection, nothing different, and I have the camera working perfect on my 7 ' monitor, then I was thinking I have some problem with the wire, so I move them, force them, did many different trys with them and never fail, so I took the PTZ and again Installed and again start, moves and no video came. Any ideas?
  8. jsimon


    try using windows remote desktop instead or VNC, you can try different configurations there
  9. This is the device that I'm using: http://www.eyedcam.com/ A200-2
  10. Here its the main aplication for this question: I have a device that capture the ids of the people that get into the bar, when i introduce the id it take control over the camera and make the capture for about 2 seconds, its very nice and ez to install, just 1 in 1 out on the line of the camera. After I have all this images of the ids recorded as video, I would like to develop an aplication which can capture all this data ( via OCR ) and then save it in a database, so I can have very nice ststistics about the people visiting the bar. Does any one have an idea? Geovision has something alike that is LPR it works more or less the same with licence plates numbers of the vehicules.
  11. jsimon

    GEovision PC Reboot

    I has a couple times problems like this, and I always thing about geo system's fault, then I tried to play with diferents configurations on Geo Card, and always the same rebooting. I did fix them getting the system work stable by itself first, then installing geo card and drivers, what I mean is that maybe geo soft stress lots the machine and some components fail, as mobo or ram, but the fault is arlready on the system not on Geo, so fixing the system first and letting run smooth by it self guaranty to you that the system is going to work with geo, if its mobo compatible.
  12. jsimon

    Multiple Geo Cards

    Geovision doesn't support more than one card for computer, the only card that you can add is the GV-DSP for real time or Audio 16 card. There are many other systems that work that way (adding cards), The new geo hardware compresion cards also allow you to have much better compresion and take less resources from the procesor, but doesn't add more qty of cameras.
  13. Be sure you are using an Intel Chipset mainboard, and you installed the way they ask you to do on the ebay link that you bought the card. It should work.
  14. I'm trying this BALUN from NVT and they work pretty good, they say you can have power on the same UTP wire like siames, for 150 feets, but I heard you can run the power for 500 feets.
  15. I'm trying to sell to the goverment, but they do want this system brand, because thet do have a lot of them and "compability", you know this seems that they already have setup this process to somebody, but I still interest doesn't matter if I have to sell this March... bramd. So if someone knows a good distribuitor for this dvrs, please help me. TIA