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  1. I was building a GeoVision system for my home and have decided to change direction. I’m going to sell all of the GeoVision equipment I got for the project. These components are all Genuine GeoVision. I believe the GV-800 is v3.51, but I will have to verify when I open the computer. I am currently running GeoVision 8.3.1 software. 1x GV-800 (8 Channel, used, still in computer) $250 1x GV-Video Server (VS01/VS02, slightly used) $200 2x GV-IO Box 16 USB (Unused) $120 / each A quick picture of the Video and one IO unit is below. I would take $550 for everything. I can take more detailed pictures for anyone that would like them. You can email, PM, post or call. My number is 678-279-4729. Thanks, Chris
  2. I currently run a GeoVision GV-800 system with their USB-IO accessory. I’ve been noticing how reasonably priced high-resolution USB webcams are compared to IP cameras. Is it possible to use a standard webcam (or several) in combination with my GV-800 and the GeoVision software? If not, is there a recommended software that would have similar analytics to GeoVision, but that could run primarily USB webcams? Any that would allow for IO control and alarming as well? Thanks, Chris
  3. I would like 64-bit drivers for GeoVision products. I contacted “USA Vision Systemsâ€
  4. cray54

    Counterfeit GV-1480 cards?

    Thank you for the information. I'm asking because I prefer to purchase used equipment, but absolutely do not want a counterfeit card. Thanks, Chris
  5. cray54

    Counterfeit GV-1480 cards?

    Thank you. Although I do not think that all of the GeoVision boards have been counterfeited, I specifically looked further into the GV-1480 PCI card following your reply. There are clearly counterfeit versions of that card. All GeoVision cards should say “GeoVisionâ€
  6. cray54

    Counterfeit GV-1480 cards?

    I was under the impression that I was guaranteed to get a genuine GeoVision card if I purchased a GV-1480. Is this the case? Are there any records of counterfeit GV1480 cards? Thanks, Chris
  7. cray54

    Has anyone tried Windows 7 with Geovision

    Three days ago I removed Windows 7 64-bit RC and installed Windows 7 32-bit RC to install a GV-800. Win7 32 bit recognized the drivers without a problem and installed the v8.31 software without a problem. After a few restarts, there was an error with a GeoVision database file, but the software created a new DB file after deleting it. The GeoVision v8.31 software does not allow Windows Aero Graphics to run. Otherwise, things seem to be smooth so far. -Chris
  8. I have been able to find all the recording information I need on this site. I am still having trouble finding the official resolution of the display ratings. What is the resolution of the standard rated display FPS? The specs clearly indicated 320 x 240 for recording, but do not specify for display. Thanks, Chris
  9. I supposed I did not explain myself well. I'd like to do a DIY "camera" system and a DIY "security" system. I was hoping that I could connect the cameras and sensors all to one machine running one piece of software. Ideally, an arm / disarm keypad would be usable as well. Is this possible using just the Geovision or AverMedia software and standard security components? Thanks, Chris
  10. Do either Geovision or AverMedia cards and software allow for a fully integrated security system with their I/O capabilities? Specifically including things like door sensors, glass break sensors and keypads? Thanks, Chris