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  1. Thankyou for the response. I will check this out as soon as I get access again. I did a search on the internet and I see what you mean - Hikvision having it defaulted on. The funny thing is that I did not see an entry in the routers port forwarding for this camera - just my port 80 entry for the Milestone server. But I will poke around a little more when I get a chance. Sounds like Hikvision is not to high end on security....
  2. Good suggestions. I did not use DMZ - in fact the camera (a Hikvision cube) is going wireless to the built in wireless access point provided by the gateway. I did check for IP conflicts by disconnecting the camera, and pinging its IP, and there was no return. I do have other hikvision cameras with the same port - but that should not matter because we are not forwarding port 80 to them. We are only forwarding the port 80 to the Windows 10 computer with the Milestone VMS software loaded on it. And that is what I am supposed to get when I use the outside IP address. I should be seeing a Milestone HTML page, not a HIKVISION html page. And whatever is going on, I do wonder why it picks ONE of the 4 Hikvision cameras to go to - all Hikvision cameras run on port 80 but have nothing forwarded to them. Twilight Zone!
  3. Hi have a mystery I can't figure out. I have set up port forwarding to a PC on my LAN that is running Milestone Software. Its IP is I have forwarded ports 80 and 8081 to hat PC. Here is the mystery. When I go from the outside at port 80, I get a Hikvision Camera that is also on the network. I have four Hikvision cameras, but for some reason it goes to this one unit, and its IP address is How in the heck does my outside IP bring me to this camera at the address .102 when my port forwarding is set to go to the Milestone PC server. Further, the password got changed on the camera at one point and I could not get in (was it hacked from the outside since it is exposed?) I had a pretty strong password on it. Did factory reset, and put it back on the LAN at - and even though nothing is being forwarded to it, I still get to it when I go to my 72.52.65.xx outside address.
  4. mateck8888

    Avermedia nv6000. Cameras showing green screen! HELP!! ASAP!

    Possibly a bad card. I have an NV6480 that had really fuzzy scrambled multi color windows for all analog cameras, but perfect video for IP cameras. Perhaps you should try an IP camera and see if it works with that. Or better yet, swap out the NV6000 card if you have another one and see if it is a hardware issue.
  5. mateck8888

    Faster Video Conversion for Aver DVR recordings

    I can't think of anything, but due note that when you are using the export feature, there are two export options: .avi and .mpg. I forget which one is faster, but one is significantly faster. You may want to try both and use a time. But I agree, it is slow. So slow, that sometimes I just give them the native files with the play option. Of course CCTV systems are not normally designed to export large amounts of video. The point is to export the 1 min. bank robbery, not 5 days of footage. So sometimes I think they don't spend a lot of time trying to allow for fast encoding on export. Matt
  6. mateck8888

    Max. 2mp Cameras with Two NV6480exp cards?

    Thanks for the suggesting Tom. I was thinking I might have to drop down to 1.3mp. But my intent was to eventually up-sell them to a Milestone xProtect system. I"m saddened that Aver stopped development of their CCTV products. I always thought their user interface was very friendly - unlike most DVR/NVR stand alone units.
  7. mateck8888

    Max. 2mp Cameras with Two NV6480exp cards?

    The existing IP cameras ar: (9) Re-branded 2mp Dahua mini-dome. (2) Hikvision DS-2CD2032 All running about 10ips at 2mp.
  8. Hello: Just wondering if anyone has any experience with running larger number of IP cameras using two NV6480exp cards? We currently have to of them installed in a system (i5 second generation CPU) with: 14 Analog 11 2mp IP cameras It runs fast with this configuration. We want to swap out the analog for IP cameras, giving us a total of 25 IP cameras. Has anyone tried to run that many (at 1.3 or 2mp) on a Aver System? Thanks Matt
  9. mateck8888

    AverMedia Done Developing Software?

    Just curious if anyone knows if AverMedia is basically pulling out of CCTV. They have not had a release in over a year. I really do like their product - and there was talk a couple years ago about a big upgrade, but it never seemed to come through. Perhaps someone with connections in the industry can comment. I really like their product, but support is very poor, and now it looks like updates are not going to happen.
  10. When you say thy have a 5 or 10mbp download speed, that is in reference to the WAN (wide area network) which in this case is the internet. It has nothing to do with the download... or transmit and receive speeds of your wireless access points, which are operating on the LAN (local area network). But those WAPS are plenty fast enough for an IP camera or two. The UPLOAD (not download) speed of the internet will effect how well you can stream your camera system outside of the house... to say your office when you want to check on things. The upload is more important than the download when it comes to remote viewing. Matt
  11. mateck8888

    HD-SDI Runs

    1. I don't think you are going to find any economical HDSDI baluns that go much over 150 feet when transmitting an HD signal. 2. The longer runs would benifit from using RG6 instead of RG59, and that may solve your problem. If it is not possible to re-run the wire, then you could settle for SD video at those locations, and get a hybrid DVR that does both HD and SD video. 3. With the voltage, you have a couple of options. Assuming that you have a large enought power supply (amps are sufficient) then you can either start with a higher voltage (like 15VDC) or use a thicker gauge wire so that you are not losing so much power on the long runs. It is possible you could use 24VAC and use one of those little 24VAC to 12VDC converters. I've never experiment with that, but AC has less of a problem with voltage drop than DC. Matt
  12. Les: If you have line of site between the two buildings, and can put a small device outside of each buildling (height won't matter), I have gotten fantastic results with the EnGenius ENH202 wireless access point. You would likely need two of them. One would be set up as an access point, and the other would be in bridge mode. It would extend your LAN (local area network) from one building to another. I have two of them set up about 600 yards away, and they work great. These WAP/Bridges are directional, and so they can travel a lot longer distance. But tress will kill them dead, so you need line or site, or very near line of site to set these up. Matt
  13. mateck8888

    Help with DVR

    If by "watched video" you mean video that is played back, it is possible that the DVR's logging function (almost all DVRs would have this function) logged what time a person entered the playback mode, but most of the ones I have seen will not tell you what camera they pulled up to view. You need to start by finding the log which will usually be in your setup menu somewhere. Check the log, and you should see where people have logged in, and out of the system. It may also show you playback and configuration changes.
  14. mateck8888

    Mini nvr questions

    I think I am beyond things like Advanced IP scanner because the network lights (green and amber) do not light when I plug anything into the unit. Also, when I patch directly to my laptop I get "network cable unplugged". It's like it is electrically dead. When I brick something, I use really high quality bricks!
  15. mateck8888

    Mini nvr questions

    Well, I bricked it. When I went to do the update with the search tool, my search tool is only an IP search tool, it did not have any part on the bottom of the screen that would allow for me to upload firmware, so I used a USB key. Seemed to work well... with a 1 to 100 percent gauge, and then it rebooted automatically, but not it has been an hour, and still nothing. TELNET: I look at the instruction for telnet, and I don't understand how I can get an IP address for this thing, which seems to be necessary for the telnet. Any ideas what I use for an IP?