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Port Forwarding Mystery / Question

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Hi have a mystery I can't figure out. I have set up port forwarding to a PC on my LAN that is running Milestone Software. Its IP is I have forwarded ports 80 and 8081 to hat PC.


Here is the mystery. When I go from the outside at port 80, I get a Hikvision Camera that is also on the network. I have four Hikvision cameras, but for some reason it goes to this one unit, and its IP address is


How in the heck does my outside IP bring me to this camera at the address .102 when my port forwarding is set to go to the Milestone PC server.


Further, the password got changed on the camera at one point and I could not get in (was it hacked from the outside since it is exposed?) I had a pretty strong password on it.


Did factory reset, and put it back on the LAN at - and even though nothing is being forwarded to it, I still get to it when I go to my 72.52.65.xx outside address.

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Good suggestions. I did not use DMZ - in fact the camera (a Hikvision cube) is going wireless to the built in wireless access point provided by the gateway. I did check for IP conflicts by disconnecting the camera, and pinging its IP, and there was no return.


I do have other hikvision cameras with the same port - but that should not matter because we are not forwarding port 80 to them. We are only forwarding the port 80 to the Windows 10 computer with the Milestone VMS software loaded on it. And that is what I am supposed to get when I use the outside IP address. I should be seeing a Milestone HTML page, not a HIKVISION html page. And whatever is going on, I do wonder why it picks ONE of the 4 Hikvision cameras to go to - all Hikvision cameras run on port 80 but have nothing forwarded to them. Twilight Zone!

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Thankyou for the response. I will check this out as soon as I get access again. I did a search on the internet and I see what you mean - Hikvision having it defaulted on. The funny thing is that I did not see an entry in the routers port forwarding for this camera - just my port 80 entry for the Milestone server. But I will poke around a little more when I get a chance. Sounds like Hikvision is not to high end on security....

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