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  1. Is the following troubleshooting process enough to conclude that the problem is cabling and the solution therefore is to recable (from camera to DVR)?? 01. At camera end - replaced with a new camera and checked with the control room - no image. 02. At camera end - plug in existing camera into portable monitor - good image 03. At control room end - inter-switched suspected problem cable to other camera input at DVR - no image 04. At control room end - inter-swtiched working cable into suspected problem input - no image
  2. chewingyu

    DVR rebooting itself

    Just googled on XP rebooting itself and there were many people who experienced the same problem. Just wondering if it is a bug or a deliberate feature by Microsoft.
  3. chewingyu

    DVR rebooting itself

    Really?? Time to have a good talk with my vendor!
  4. chewingyu

    Quality of recorded images

    Came across this website. ttp://www.aventuratechnologies.com/dvr_tutorial/default.asp?index=11 Looks like a credible explanation. Anyone having different views?
  5. chewingyu

    DVR rebooting itself

    Sorry, have to dig up old thread. I forgot about it until I was recently informed that it happens frequently i.e. my DVRs would occasionally reboot themselves. Checked with vendor, he says that it IS a standard feature of XP where if there is no activity in the DVR for a certain period of time, it would reboot itself, basically as a self-maintaining feature. I guess it is something like going through your attic and basically dusting off the gathered dust and rearranging the stuff so that we can throw out unwanted items. But, the thing is, is such a feature really really necessary?
  6. Can someone share on what factors determine the quality of recorded images? How does one define the quality? Is CIF specification alone sufficient? Or monitor resolution? I am asking because I had tried changing the configuration of the DVR setting for some of my CCTV cameras to 4CIF and at 'Best' quality, yet I do not see significant improvement in quality in the recorded images. Anyway, what is the resolution of CIF and what does it stand for?
  7. chewingyu

    Freezer Camera

    I've installed both - usually the only time we go with heaters is if the client specs them. I haven't noticed a difference either way in any of the ones I've done. If you DO get condensation in the dome, a heater can help keep the view clear, but if that's happening because of warm air "leaking" into the dome, it's generally only a matter of time until the dome fills with water and kills the camera anyway - in other words, the heater in that instance is only addressing a symptom while not addressing the actual problem. How does warm air leak into the dome? Does this happen only to those conventional cameras housed in dome enclosures?
  8. chewingyu

    Freezer Camera

    Sorry to dig up old thread but it's an area I was recently asked to look into. No, not how to steal meat! No, I am tasked to look into installing CCTV cameras in our warehouse coldrooms (temp from 5 dec C to 15 dec C). Questions: What suitable camera? Any special cabling needed?
  9. I guess you have a point there, Soundy. Thanks. Will have to mull over it...
  10. So, from the sound of you guys' views, looks like Raid 5 is not that 'bad' after all, eh? BTW, to all who responded, I meant no disrespect to u guys by calling out to Rory. Thanks for your responses
  11. Say, I am reviewing the need to have Raid 5 for my CCTV systems. I think it may be an overkill. An overkill which costs much more. I am thinking perhaps that as and when one of the hdd fails, I will downgrade it to a Raid 1. Anyone with any thoughts on this? Rory??
  12. Got to raise this topic again as I am still experiencing this problem of intermittent failures. Again, I have been told that recabling is the only way to solving it. I just discovered that my CCTV vendor is using a remote cable tester to establish if the cable is faulty. Does this device really work and is it 100% accurate? My struggle is that recabling is a such a costly option and I have to be dead-sure that it is THE only option.
  13. Is this a software problem? Would it help to reinstall the software? The software used in the NetSafe DVR is called Win4net. It has its own website.
  14. Okay, back the issue at hand. So, if what you say is happening to my DVR, then why does it happen only to 2 cameras instead of all 16?
  15. Thanks. Pretty clear your explanation. In layman's terms, I know my bag of golf clubs in in the house somewhere but I just cannot remember where I have put it. So, while I do have the clubs to play, I cannot join my friends for a golf game. How's that??