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  1. I recently setup 6 servers, each with a 4TB WD Purple. 3 of them failed initialization an had to be replaced. Other than that I've had no problems with WD Purple since we started using them about six months ago and so far I've deployed about 50 disks, mostly 2 TB.
  2. What monitor are you using? And how do you connect it to your multiplexer?
  3. Maybe I don't understand what you want. I thought you wanted to select different cameras displayed on several monitors. With a matrix you can send any camera's image to any monitor. You connect the cameras to the matrix which have a loopthru to the DVR. Then you connect monitors to the monitor outputs and then easily send any camera to any monitor.
  4. In the new Smart Client there is an option to export a new player with database export. This is not available in Go as I understand and I haven't found it for download on MS' site. Maybe you could download a trial version of a higher version and extract the player that way.
  5. Hi, I'm not familiar with the specific software You're using but strange phenomenons can occur if the software isn't fully compatible with the camera. If you don't have the exact driver for a specific camera it might work properly if You set it up to act as some similar camera - for a while, but occasionally things like those you describe can happen. Also make sure that the recording software supports the specific firmware version in the camera. I've had some similar issues with IQeye and Milestone, but after downgrading the camera's firmware to the level supported by the correct device pack it works great.
  6. I checked the sample of the H.264. It looks good. It is from a tradeshow and the image is as good as one would expect. It is always hard to compare images from different scenes and cameras but it appears to be more crisp than for example the 'old' 5 Mpix. I compared the sample from the 5mpix at the foodcourt but the lighting is very much different so I can't really tell. I haven't yet seen the pricelist that will be effective of Oct 25. Probably about the same as Axis Q1755 or a little lower. I'm not sure about the zoom function, if it works like the Q1755 or not. Otherwise I guess it'll be in the Sony CH/DH240 price span.
  7. I suggest you look for a professional to do the job. I'm sure you have the ability to hook up some cameras and all but there are more parameters to have a good setup that will do a good job for you. It's a question of buying at the lowest price or lowest cost. A cheap system may get expensive in the long run as it may not function properly under certain circumstances which a professional would take into account. A system that doesn't do the job is wasted money.
  8. How did the zoom work? Does it need refocusing when you zoom in or does it work like a ptz? Sony's DH140 is quite nice but the zoom function is only usable when installing. Software driven optical zoom and auto focus are for set up only. Usually, but Axis Q1755 works like a PTZ. It has a "gatekeeper" function so that it can zoom in when activity occurs in a certain area.
  9. How did the zoom work? Does it need refocusing when you zoom in or does it work like a ptz? Sony's DH140 is quite nice but the zoom function is only usable when installing.
  10. If you are planning to catch ghosts on camera i'd say any camera and dvr would do. If you plan on getting any reality connected objects on camera for a cheap buck you should take a look at Synology NAS. A few decent d/n cameras, a PoE-switch and a Synology DS210+ with for example 2X500 gb disks and you have a very nice little setup that will do a great job. IR-illumination would be recommended in dark areas. I wouldn't go for an analog system today when you can get very nice cameras with higher resolution at a lower cost than good analog systems a few years ago.
  11. Here is Sony's solution 'View DR'.
  12. Ted

    Lens quality

    I'm borrowing my own thread here. I need an (actually 20 pcs) 8-48 mm lens with f/1.0 (5-50mm will do as well). Anyone know of any? Edit: Never mind, found one, 1/2" Goyo Optical
  13. I've never delt with these connectors in that way but they usually are either crimped or soldered. I don't see why you have to go with these connectors. It's for power supply i guess and i would use something like this instead
  14. In Sweden they should cost about 500 SEK (~65usd) and you can add up to 26 cameras.
  15. I use managed PoE-switches which allows me to cut the power and restart any camera in the network remotely. IP-systems do save a lot of work, but then I have to figure out other ways of making money...