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  1. I have had massive success with IndigoVision over wireless. Even the HD cameras work well. I can rattle of several sites where they are installed and several others where we retro fitted them in place of other products that used too much bandwidth.
  2. What is you experience with multicasting in this product? Multicast is essential for larger video systems with many operators. I have found some products create a broadcast storm when you multicast
  3. I have heard good reports on Avalan but not had first hand experience. My only comment on the Mobotix is to get the full resolution you need 4Mbps or more. Im not sure if it records a separate stream to the live. The IndigoVision I have used was set to stream live at 25ips CIF and record at 8ips 4CIF. It provided full PTZ control and only needed 512Mbps while the camera was not moving and 1.5Mbps while moving the PTZ.
  4. I have installed several systems and learnt through my errors that it is a case of choosing the right IP wireless products. I know a few that do work and many that dont. There is a post here I contributed to but i can't find it to link to. my preferred product is WaveSight in a point to point configuration.
  5. refer this post for my suggestion http://www.cctvforum.com/viewtopic.php?t=18038&highlight=poe
  6. Many products do not provide the web interface and stated frame rate when multiple people or devices are connected. This is because the cameras are built to a price and the processor is not powerful enough. In many cases, there is a server between the camera, the NVR and the viewing client that manages this. A better solution would be a proxy server to the web client so only 1 stream is being accessed directly from the camera. I have don this for several live event I sponsored like the Human Zoo and City to Bay Fun Run The human zoo was a 30 day project with live video and audio. The fun run is a once per year event over 3 hours, streamed live with down loadable recordings. The product I used for these was IndigoVision due to its significantly lower bandwidth. Contact me though the following site for more info http://nortronics.com.au
  7. As per the wire guy, you will need a computer for IndigoVision to display the 720p You can full screen the camera(s) in their 16:9 format and no an alarm raise an external event to trigger an IR code to the TV via something like a Beyonwiz Needs a bit of custom code but not too hard[/url]
  8. CCTVguru1

    Mobotix Q24 with images

    I saw one of these at the ASIAL last month. Considering how bright the hall was, the camera was producing a noise image as if there was not enough light. It was on Mobotix own stad and they had their tech guy there so I am sure it was setup correctly
  9. I notice you represent 4 products. How do you determine which to use for each application? What front end software do you use? And last, what country are you in?
  10. Personally not a fan of Netgear products. I have not had great reliability.
  11. CCTVguru1

    Is this possible?

    If you look at the analogue world of cameras, a good day night camera will cost $500 - $1000. The probability of getting an equivalent in an IP model for $1000 is not great. There are products out there but in my oppinion they don't come close to the good analogues. I am waiting for IndigoVisions new 11000 series HD that will be 25ips 720p resolution with true day night switching. Its ment to be out in November.
  12. The Cisco SRW208P 8-port 10/100 Ethernet Switch - WebView/PoE is a nice lower cost unit. AUD $280. Very reliable and supports all the requirements of a IP-CCTV system
  13. CCTVguru1

    IP PTZ Cameras

    It's more about the implementation. there are many tools to use in the H.264 tool set. You don't need to use them all and can choose which ones you do or don't implement. As H.264 requires a lot of processing power, many vendors are only implementing the basics. This can mean different things occur. An H.264 can be transmitted as I-frames only, making it no better than M-JPEG. Great image though. It cn also be I and P-frames but if the ability to detect motion is not good, a blocky image occurs. There is unfortunately not a easy way of specifying compression that can be compared between brands.
  14. CCTVguru1

    IP PTZ Cameras

    No I havent but Im guessing its their H.264 version. I would be interested in an image comparison at the same bandwidth. Refer this link for an explanation of why I say this. http://forum.nortronics.com.au/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=33
  15. CCTVguru1

    IP PTZ Cameras

    Except that Axis is bandwidth hungry and does not support a remote stream at CIF with a lower frame rate and 4CIF 25ips for on site recording at the same time. Check out the IndigoVision 9000 PTZ, which can do this.