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Questions about hardware compression cards.

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As I said in my previous thread I was looking at ILDVR cards.


But after reading some threads on this forum I am not so sure.


Am I to understand that ILDVR cards (from Bernclaire) are just Hikvision cards with their own software?


And there are other companys that sell these same cards with other or better software?


Who is a good vendor/developer of a hikvision package?


What I am looking for is 10 (a 16 channel card for additional cameras in the future) channels at least 25 FPS in a decent resolution for under $900. Is this possible?


How do these cards stack up against the avermedia or geovision cards will they suit me better?


I am also looking into cameras and baluns, but I will respectfully post my questions for those items in the proper forums.

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hello, Netvision is professional DVR developer and supplier. Currently, netvision is cooperating with hikvision, and hikvision is using netvision public version software. According to your description, NV4016HC can satisfy your needs.

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