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Avermedia - wont display live view

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Hi all,


Given my recent experience with Geo and some cameras, I was prompted to look at avermedia, especially given their hybrid nature.


I have been testing 2 IQeye 752 day night cameras on a 2 x 6480e 32 channel custom build. The pictures from the IQeyes are very impressive, but every morning when its dawn and the filter cuts back from night to day, the live view picture freezes. The system continues to record away, but live view sticks at the same frame. Entering playback and going back to preview makes no difference. It will display happily all night long in black and white but wont do so in colour at 1600 * 1200. If I restart the PC I can get it o display, but then it will freeze again on live view (all the while recording away at 1600 x 1200). If I set it to record on "2" which is 800 * 600 it will record and display in live view.


The avermedia software doesnt seem to realise that it has lost live video. The camera will continue to display live images fluidly if I open Internet Explorer, yet remain frozen in avermedia.


This week I upgraded to Vista as the only other aver system that I had built is running away very stably on vista. The PC itself is running sweetly. There is no huge drain on any of the system resources. I am at a loss to explain this except as a bug in the avermedia sotware.


Anybody else had this problem? Even better, anybody else got a resolution for it?



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That last reply looks a little cryptic. By yes indeed, I mean that I am using 7.3 and I am encountering the problem as set out above.

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I see they only have one IQ listed.


You should try jpg pull, just bring up the cam in IE and get the jpg from the source. Add that as a generic IP cam and stick that in the URL.

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I dont think its an incompatibility issue, but rather a bug (or else an installer error - haven't ruled that one out yet )


The latest lists from avermedia do show a good number of cameras from IQinvision supported. The cameras I am using appear to be the same as the listed iqeye702, except with true day night capabilities. You can compare the specs here


(http://? www?.iqeye.com/productlist.html) take out the question marks and remove brackets.


The 702 is supported. the 752 is the 702 with a day night filter.


If it was simply an incompatibility then surely it wouldnt record fine at 1600 * 1200.


As things are it will have live view and record at 1600 * 1200 once its on night mode.


It will record at 1600 * 1200, but freezes on live view during day mode.


It will rcord and display at setting 2 in detail which is 800 * 600 during day.


At present it is set not to decode, although I have tried all 3 variations.


I will also try the wireshark thing you suggested earlier (after I had to google it to see what it is and what it is supposed to do!)


I will also get him to try the sticking it in the url when he gets home. (this post having been submitted by the longsuffering wife who just wants the problem solved and a good night's kip!)



his missus.

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I ran the wireshark program ast night and I got a load of checksum bad errors for data going from the PC to the cameras. What does that mean?


At night the 2 cameras are pulling about 13 mbps. During the day in colour this increases to about 28 mbps.


I have contacted my vendor as well as avermedia. When i first made aver aware of this they connected through the ip address i gave and recorded without issue, at a slow framerate. I was able to record by linking in the addresses for the cameras running as demos at IQeye's site and I had no issue.


There is however a very real issue now these cameras are physically here and on my network.


Could it be a problem with my switch?



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Vista's new network stack is has not been so well recieved, if possible switch back to XP Pro.


jpeg pull may be your only option as these day nights aren't claimed to be supported by Aver. Since the problem becomes more pronouced during the switch from day to night mode or night to day mode I have to think it may just not have native support for that model number.

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Things are now running!


I did a hard reset of the IP cameras and then I installed the new firmware which has only just appeared on the iqeye site.


I also installed some conventional cameras and turned on the "turbo". I still get the occasional momentary freeze on live view, but by in large it is stable now and will witch back from night view.


Collin, I hear you about XP and Vista, but the last two XP discs I bought have been "buggy" and very slow to install. If I were a conspiracy theorist I would think MS was deliberately preparing the market for the withdrawal of XP.


AlsoI have loads of storage built into this machine and XP had all drives spinning at once. Vista only spins them as it uses them. Makes for a quieter cooler machine. Maybe I am imagining this one, but I also think the picture is crisper on Vista.


Anyhow, thanks for the feedback. I'm still very new to avermedia.


I'm just curious, do you prefer it to Geovision? I haven't touched Geovision since the end of 2007 and was wondering how 8.2 Geo compares?


I still think that the Geovision systems I used to build gave a faster framerate on recorded playback at 720 * 576 than say the aver 6240e that I've just installed.

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