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PTZ Camera Support

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What PTZ camera's are supported by NV5000 cards? I cant find it on avermedia site. Any recommendations for a decent cheap one that I can hook up and play around with.

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I sell Avermedia stuff and have an open box PTZ around here somewhere. Pelco D and Pelco P are the most common and are supported, this list is quite long. If your PTZ uses rs485 and is not on the listed protocols Avermedia provides the ability for dealers to add new PTZ protocols if you can aquire them from the manufacturer. Either way I have a nicer PTZ also on demo through an Avermedia setup.


A VERY cool function with the Avermedia systems is they can use input from any HID joystick to control the domes. This alone is a nice savings as most controllers cost as much as an NV5000. You want the most basic joystick you can get though, just a stick and a couple of buttons. If you have rudder it will work the zoom but makes the dome much more difficult to control.


The on screen overlay controls from Aver are IMO very nice as well.


Avermedia can support multiple COM ports or multiple protocols on a single COM port. This too is a nice expense saving function as many (IIRC Geovision too) cannot control 2 or 3 protocols on a single COM port. This comes into play if you have multiple cameras from different makes.


Only one user can have the PTZ controls of any camera up at any point in time. This is logical behavior however it can be frustrating at times.

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