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Bugs flying around my IR cameras, Tripping DVR record. Arghh

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I have an Intellicam G4-RTA, 4 channel DVR and 3 cameras. Right now, two of them are day/night IR capable. The problem is at night, when the IR led's come on, the damn bugs come in droves and are tripping the motion sensors on the DVR, and therefore causing unnecessary recordings. Every single night this happens. I have tried turning down the IR intensity to the lowest level, as well as setting the DVR to the lowest sensitivity, and it still happens. Does anybody have any suggestions? This is really causing me headaches.


BTW, big thanks to Mike, from Shoreview for all the help getting the network nightmare figured out with my DVR. I can finally "see" my DVR from work. Woo-hoo!

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Bugs, dust, spiders, etc. I get more complaints from customers about their cameras not working "correctly" in the Summer, until I show them some video of my own on the house. Funny how some things reflect IR, and some don't.

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