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problems again with ir camera

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one of my cheopo hong kong cameras has decided not to work, the problem is the ir is lighting up but i just get a black screen on my dvr? i have tried swapping the power supplies etc, but still the same problem, the other camera is working fine, even when i plug into differnt ports the problem persist , advice would be greatly appreciated thanks

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The IR lights come on, but you get no picture from the camera? You've probably got a dead camera... not unexpected for a hong-kong cheapo.


If the camera comes on, but the IR lights do not, your IR may be burned out, and you could check it with a separate illuminator. Honestly, you should probably be avoiding cameras with integrated IR, and instead use a separate IR source with your cameras. Camera-mounted IR is less than ideal for all sorts of reasons.

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cheopo hong kong cameras


This is your problem! Could be a number of things, power, bad photocell, etc...


I second this motion....... Did you call the technical dept?

Kidding but had to do it, We all made our mistakes on cheap cameras.

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Cheap cameras for the budget customers. That's OK. That is all they are going to spend anyways. Go ahead make a buck.


When you get a new line of bullet cameras (is this a bullet? You only said IR) take one out of the box, and thow it over your shoulder on to a carpeted floor. Pick it up, and plug it in. If it craps out, then do not buy anymore, and if it survives the impact then dunk it in to your aquarium.


If it leaks, and has water intrusion then forget that model, and if it works under water then you have a keeper.


Now take it apart. Is this what you expected in the price range that you paid for it?


If this is going to be a main line of your entry level line, then get to know it inside, and out.


Could it be a bad connection from the wire to the PC board?

Could it be a bad rectifier, or a regulator?


Can you buy the parts locally. If you say RH I'll scream as they do not cater to the experimenter customer anymore. Turncoats!


Did you know the AVTech cameras are repairable?


Do not flame me!! I just said they are repairable, I did not say I would spend the time to do it! LOL!


Have you taken a multimeter to your camera?


Lets see 5 bench hours @ $50.00 per hour. Well now! That makes it a $250.00 bullet camera! Lets put a Tommy Hilfiger icon on it, and sell it for $500.00!

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