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ICRealtime – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

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You know what? You're right.


I'm going to take a step back from my last post; Rebco probably didn't mean that the way it came across. Still, I don't blame a poster for coming here and laying out their experience with a vendor. If you can't get somebody to return your phone calls or pay attention to you any other way, what are you supposed to do?


Coming here certainly beats getting a bunch of lawyers involved... and it may have actually helped the original poster resolve his issue. It took a bit of wrangling, but I'll give props to IC Realtime for at least recognizing the OP's issue and stepping up.


As for the bailout 500... don't get me started on that unmitigated disaster.

I think you did take it the wrong way and won't take it personal I have had problems with a couple of companies but airing out my dirty laundry is not the right thing to do. "my opinion". I think this forum is not the right place to do things like this I think that this should and was always a place for learning and asking questions not for attacking anyone. I was not attacking anyone and if i came across that way i am sorry but I just don't appreciate someone coming into a fight once it's all over and trying to get the last kick in. Whats to stop anyone just coming on here and saying" "your company sucks" and not having any backing to it. Or to stop me re-registering and coming on here and blasting people. I am just use to seeing things light hearted on here. I think the founders of this forum wanted to help people not attack people....

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I promised a follow-up on my DVR issues:


ICRealtime offered me an out of warranty exchange for a new unit at a considerable discount off the new price. It took about 2 weeks to ship the old unit back, swap out the hard drive and receive the new PRO 8 channel unit.


The new unit is experiencing some wierd issues with the pre-record buffer. I've got to say my experiences with tech support are completely different this time around. I have been working with John to identify the problem and he is going out of his way to respond quickly.


We ran some tests for about a week, and John has been able to duplicate the problem on other units. He is working with Engineering to see if a firmware fix can be put in. They tried one fix so far and it didn't resolve the problem. They're still working on it


I'll post another follow-up when I've got an update.

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