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Pan & Tilt Control - IP Based

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Hello All,


I was curious of the boards opinion on IP control of standard Pan Tilt positioners, such as the ever popular Pelco line. I have looked and noticed that many of the positioners are used with standard controllers, or MPTAZ protocols, but what I need is further information on a positioner that we can definately run through an IP interface. Typically this would be acheived with a video server or encoder, and I have used the Esprit line before run through the Axis 241 encoder using the Pelco D protocol. I was unsure however of which Pelco or other company components may be best used in my environment. I have 120VAC or 12/24VDC to work with and need something fairly compact for a megapixel IP camera. I would like to use the tiny, new Axis encoder just released and if possible I would need to control an motorized zoom lens with the device (if possible) as well.



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