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mobotix software dev question

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not sure if this is the right area to ask this but here goes:


on the mobotix http api they have straightforward commands for zoom in/out and center controls but for pan and tilt i cannot figure it out. it is probably something simple that i am missing.


now i know that their ptz is different in that it is all digital zooming or vptz as they like to call it.


i was wondering if anyone knows the command structure for a cgi call via http for pan and tilt on their cameras?


i am stumped right now. i emailed them and am waiting for a reply but i wanted to check here also in case someone has gone through this before.

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? the cameras is setup fine. there is no serial connection so there is no baud rate to setup. this model has what they call virtual ptz. it is a 360 degree camera so they use digital ptz to stay away from requiring any moving parts. the vptz works fine in their software and web page viewer. i am just trying to code it into my own app so i am trying to find the exact http commands.

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both the box and camera are labelled q22m and it matches the q22m they show on their website. it is a panoramic camera with 360 degrees. as a result they simulate ptz really by focusing in on any specific area. it's not what i am used to when i think of zoom but it works just the same.


here is what they sent me



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