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Need wireless setup

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Can anyone recommend some good wireless products for my home? Everything is a straight shot. Each camera is about 150ft away. I need something reliable and something that is not to unsightly. Thanks

I will have 3 cameras total.

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Why do you need wireless cameras?


I would imagine you will have to run wires to the cameras to power them.


If this is the case then you may as well run video cable as well.


Wireless cameras that are in the budget price range are going to be 100 milliwatt in power. You cannot pass the signal beyond more than two walls.


You will want to check to see how many walls there are between each camera, and where the receiver / receivers will be.


If you truely want "reliability" then you will want to go above 100 milliwatts. Above 100 milliwatts the transmitters cannot be installed inside of the smaller bullet cams.


Buy a WiSpy and check out the frequency around your house.




If you have a 2.4Ghz camera system then change out your cordless phone for a 5.8Ghz phone, and change the channel on your wireless router so that it does not interfere with your cameras.


Be aware that anyone can see your video. If this is a concern then use WiFi Cameras. Your video will not be in the open for everyone to see.


WiFi cameras are digital, and the wireless video signal will travel farther compared to analog signals.


The real trick to making a system work is to place the receiver / receivers in a central area to all of the cameras, and take the video out, and run it on wires back to the recording device.


This will make your system more "bullet" proof.


I would suggest wired cameras in all honesty.


I like using wireless cameras for things like detached garages. You might have a driveway, or a pool, or a tennis court that blocks you from trenching video cable back to the main house. You can power the camera from the garage, and receive the wireless signal to record.


This is what wireless was designed for. You would place the receiver close to the garage on that side of the house then wire the video out back to the recording device.


What is the budget of this project? Hobby? Security is of the essence?


What do you think?

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Thanks scorp. I ended up doing some light trenching and just hard wired it. Pain in the but but i think it worked out good after looking into the wireless products a little. Thanks for the wireless info though.

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