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Couple of problems with NV5000 card and CM3000 software.

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Hi everyone,


I have an NV5000 card which has 8 cameras connected and has been running fine for about a year, i recently updated the dvr software and cm3000 software to the most recent available. v7.7.0007 for the dvr and v7.3.0017a for cm3000. I now have problems where the cm software freezes on my eight cameras, but not a seperate 4 camera system also viewed with this software. All 12 cameras are on the same monitor. The other problem is that everytime a motion alarm is sent to the cm i also get 7 other message Deactivated $live:0 followed by DVR Reset Alarm which fills my alarm list.


I know i should follow the "if it aint broke" rule but i like some of the features of the new software so any help would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance.

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I am having the same problem. We were able to stay with the latest version on the CM3000, but we can't get any of the NV5000 systems to work unless we downgrade the software.


I really like the new version of the software, and would do just about anything to upgrade.


We were running Windows 7 64 Bit, and then downgraded to Windows XP Professional. Both work the same -- the CM3000 causes the NV5000 DVR to blow up.


Avermedia blames it on my hardware, but we have about 10 systems out there, and all of the NV5000 systems have the same basic issues.

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the CM3000 causes the NV5000 DVR to blow up.


cant see how CMS can blow your remote system. i think you may not have the CMS ports in use. do you have the cm3000 on a sever

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We have the CM3000 on a Windows 7 64 Bit Box. It stays running fine through all of this, but if you attach the remote NV5000 system with the CM3000, it shuts down.


I am currently downgraded to and it works as expected. But, using the latest version on the NV5000 it doesn't work.


We have perhasp 5 or 6 other systems with NV3000's (1), and NV6280's and some other boards and they all work fine with the latest software feeding the CM3000. But, the NV5000 systems don't work on Windows 7 64 Bit with 7.7. I believe we tried Windows 7 32 Bit as well with 7.7, and Windows XP with 7.7 -- basically 7.7 doesn't like the CM3000 requesting data and so it dies.


I have 3 NV5000 systems which are basically alike (3 slighly underpowered Celeron's and then a Dual-Core which meets specs), and then 1 which is different (plenty of extra power here). We have swapped out video cards on the DVR's and it didn't help. I conclude it's a software issue, but I'm open to suggestions as to why I can use 7.3, but not 7.7 on the same machine with the same DVR card.


Avermedia told me to try a differnet computer, and given that we've tried 4, I'm sure that there is another answer. Namely that it just doesn't work.

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