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ir distance

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quick questions ,installed a camera a purchased(1/4 cmos color image sensor,380 resolution,8 mm lens,advertised as seeing up to 40 meters) watching my vehicle in the street at only 20 meters. Tech sheet said power supply for color camera should be 700 to 800 ma, would this affect the distance that is illuminated .....as i could see almost NOTHING AT NIGHT.

Are irs on all the time or only with motion?

My color is also not that good ? Reason why i ask is because paperwork stated use 300ma for b/w cam or 800ma for color cam. Would i be able to mount a seperate little ir thing to improve distance ? thanks

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Product Overview:


• Built-in infrared LED, may work under zero degree of illumination environment

• 8mm Lens

• New special housing design, with the optional lens,6mm,16mm

• The infrared project distance is between 40 meters (133ft)

• Using metal crust (IP67 standard)

• Automatic backlight compensatory function

• Automatic tracking white balance


Packaging included:

1× CMOS Outdoor Color Dome Camera

Warranty Term:


(1) One Year Warranty

Model Name

S71-380TVL outdoor dome camera


Pick-Up Device

1/4" CMOS color image sensor


Number of Pixels

NTSC: 811x508

PAL: 795x596


System of Signal

(click here)




Horizontal Resolution

380TV Lines


Minimum Illumination

0 Lux (with IR LED ON)



8mm (optional 6mm,16mm)


Clock Frequency (MHZ)

NTSC:28.636 , PAL:28.375


Auto Electronic Shutter



Gamma modification



S/N Ratio

More than 48dB


IR Power On

CDS Auto Control


Operation Temperature



Sync System

Internal, Negative sync.


Video Output



Power Source Supply







119x82.5 mm





this was a cheap camera from e bay

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this was a cheap camera from e bay


There's your answer. Yes, the camera will see 40 meters. When the sun is out.


Would i be able to mount a separate little ir thing to improve distance ?


Yes, but only if the sensor is IR sensitive. Cheap cameras on ebay? Anything is possible.




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Hi, sounds like every other cheap color IR CMOS bullet camera, and I have used many in the past (with regret ofcourse!)


1-It is CMOS which is not the best for Day Night apps.

2-It is a cheap COLOR IR camera, not a TRUE day night camera, therefor its sensitivity to IR, and in low light, will not be that great.

3-The 40 meters is obviously overrated, and normally the IR distances quoted are for indoors where it is much easier for the IR to work due to all the reflective surfaces closer to the IR.


You probably have nothing for its small amount of IR to reflect off, therefore you would need to try and flood the area with IR or add additional lighting.


Now, all that is said based on that the IR is actually working?


Also, check out this video of a more expensive True Day Night CCD IR bullet with in fact 50-60' outdoor IR built in. See the comment on the page for information:



Another note, it could be one of the best IR cameras in the world but placement is everything. You really should go outside and connect a monitor to it direct, and adjust it that way, with the lights off, so you can see the IR beam and see how well it is actually working. If you want to do it right, day night apps require some day and night time adjustments.


Edit, I just looked at the camera on Ebay, specs are incorrect. It says 380TVL but also says total pixels are 811x508 .. also for that price, you will be lucky if it sees anything indoors! Also, it states 400ma current draw, so 500ma power should work. if you want, see if you can get your hands on some damaged IR bullets, all you want is the IR part of it. I have 2 IR cams powered together here, a bullet and a dome like that, the dome barely adds any IR to the photo, but it does help a little bit. I only have the bullet video enabled ofcourse. im using a single 2a plug in power supply i bought from a local electronic store for $20, to power 2 IR Bullets, a Color bullet, and the extra IR Dome, as they dont draw that much current - if it were an Extreme CCTV IR camera like the EX82 though, for example, that draws 2a DC at night or 1a in the day.

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