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Hi Boys,

Before some weeks Sony anouced their new DSP called EFFIO.

How you know it is the leading DSP on the market and allow 650TVL in color and 700TVL in B/W.

My quaestions is : "If anyone know any producer that implemet EFFIO in its CCTV cameras.

By goole i found a Taiwan company that offer cameras with EFFIO (please visit this site http://www.jscctv.com/mkhost/modules/shop/goods.php?id=658), but i think that it is not real.

What do you think about this?

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There are a few cameras out there with the current Effio in them. The current one is only 540TVL (only!), which looks pretty good.


I know of a company that sells those, PM me if you'd like that information.

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I know from several trade shows that Effio-P and Effio-E are in mass production now. P got real WDR, E got Gamma WDR, but E is offered as more cost effective. The resolution of 650 TVL did look nice, but I am not sure what happens after digital recording, the current DVRs only support 540 TVL. Means, you cannot use it. But I think the entire image quality will be better than current HQ1 or others. Think it will take some time until DVRs are upgraded as well (since everybody is crying for higher TVL in analog sector, they need to).


If anyone is interested in the company infos I collected, just PM me.

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I will give you guys more detailed information about Sony Effio DSP's.

Effio DSPs are divided into following 4 different models.


Frist two models were already released and dispatched from Sony to manufacturers. The other two models will be released by early next year.


Effio - First released version 650TVL (960H WDR CCD) - Already released

Effio-E (Entry) 650TVL - Already released

Effio-S(Standard) 700TVL (960H CCD) - ETA: Early 2011

Effio-P(Professional) 700TVL (960H WDR CCD and more functions) - ETA:Early 2011


We are currently working on to release new cameras using Sony Effio DSP's. Our new cameras using Sony Effio's are scheduled to release in a very few weeks.(Early Sept.) We used some of our own technology to bring them up to 700TVL using first released version of Effio DSPs. On the spec sheet, Sony Effio is definately the best DSP so far on the market.


However, in a real world comparion between our own Huviron GEN 2 DSP (600TVL WDR CCD) and Sony Effio, I couldn't tell too much difference as there are no standalone DVR system (D1) yet that could display 700TVL very well.


Sony will eventually want to change their whole line up to Effio in the future and depends on how well Effio's doing on the market, Sony will decide what they will do with new models. (S and P models)


I will try to take some pictures as soon as our final testing models are available.


Hope this helped.

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Effio-E chip for entry-level was offically released in July 2010, now our R&D engineers have finished the DVT and EVT test, the world's first Effio-E based analog camera is available for MP right now! we compared the Sony Effio-E solution with Hitachi and Sharp's 600TVL-declared product, effio-E's color reprodution performance is better than Sharp solution while the TV line is even more than Hitachi's 700TVL-declared analog camera.

In short, Effio-E's performance is terrific!


If anyone have interest, please feel free to contact me.


Jackson Yan



Adress: No. 51 Fang Yuan St., Suzhou Industrial Park, JiangSu Province, P.R.C.

Mobile: +86-15262587276

TEL: +86-512-62838598 EXT:219

FAX: +86-512-62838798

Zip code:215000

URL: http://tvs.com.tw/

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in next month, I am able to bring a url link for Effio-E(CXD4127GG) online view in CCTVforum as we are going to start lineup in Oct. or PM me.


Wow! it is very exciting now as waiting for effio war soon. Let's compete, whose effio is the best.


Question, is anyone satisfied with Effio WDR(CXD4112AGG) about quality and price? i have not seen really qualified Effio WDR(CXD4112AGG). Any answer will help me do marketing well.

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Any sample images or videos from the cameras with this chip?

Whats the advantage of this chip and will the cameras using it be expensive?

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Hello everyone, Now My office is being sold cameras with effio DSP chip in Thailand.


This camera is 650 in color and 700 TVL in B/W with sony effio dsp 1/3 960H CCD (CDX4112GG)


So many people in Thailand are interesting about this dsp,


This is a link to view this cam (The camera name is ZSB651N)



username: demo

pass: 1234


sorry for my english

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