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GV800 ver. 7.05 lost frames in record

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Hi Boys,

I have the following problem with GV800 version 7.05 of software.

When record mode is motion detection in many records some frames are missing.

So i can not tracking moving object in record.

Every time when i use GV cards i use intel based computers (CPU and Chipset)

I changed card with other one and problem remain. I changed and PC and again

the problem remain.

Last PC configuration is:

CPU - P4 3Ghz

Ram - 1024MB

Chipset - 865

VGA card - ATI 9200

Also the number of cameras does not matter. 1,2 or more cameras the problems stay.

I increased and motion sensitive to 10 and again frames in records are missing.

When i changed record mode to continual record all is ok frames in recor are not missing.

I think that there are a problem whit motion detection algorithm in version 7.05

I attempted this and with other models like GV600 and GV900.Again frames in recors are missing.

Could you help me how to resolve this problem.

Thanks in advance.

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First I would check the hard drive .. that has a big effect on the recording also.


I would seriously consider upgrading to 8.12. Forget 8.3+ as that system cant handle it. I recently upgraded an Intel Celeron 2.8 with 1GB of Ram .. from 7.0 to 8.12 and it works great.


Now, you may need to check if the card can work with version 8 first though, they have tool available for that. If it came with 7.0 or higher then it should work though. I would still tweak XP for that setup, see info here on doing that, skip the Nlite related stuff, go down to the Post Install tweaks. http://www.bahamassecurity.com/software/geovision/dvrlite.asp


Make sure you are using XP SP2 or SP3, nothing else.


I set my clips for 3 minutes.

I set pre and post record, 6 and 3 or 3 and 3 (cant recall offhand, the defaults normally).

I use medium on the settings for that, varies between cards, something like 15 and 7.

I can check the exact settings later on from an image I have of one of the DVRs.


I always use 640x480 Deinterlace, 720x480 consumes much more HDD space, like from 80MB for 640x480 to 200MB for 720x480, with no noticeable increase in quality.

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Hi Rory and thanks for your answer.


How i tald before the problem appearance with different computer configurations and it is not in hard drive.

Also i can not update to any new version because this card support 7.05 and 8.01 versions but how we know version 8.01 is not stable.Version 8.12 is not supported from my card.

Also every time when i use GV cards i update windows xp to sp3 and apply all updates.


Now my friend give my a system with the same card (that support the same version 7.05 only) that may be work sable with motion detection.

I will try to make some tests and if i find the problem will infrom you.

I think also that the problem may be in hardware incompatibility of GV card and mainboard chipset.

Current system is with 865P and main board is Gigabyte. I doubt that old cards that support 7.05 are not compatible with new version of intel chipsets.

Any other ideas?

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