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Gated Communitity enter exit setups

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I would like to get a discussion started about enter/exit points in gated communities.


It seems this is a very popular item in home owner associations.


We have done several and there are several hurdles to jump.



Very Important! At a minimum they want things to blend in. Equipment painted dark green or another color to blend in with the landscape.



As we all know electronics are not happy with heat.

What Environmental enclosures are you using to house DVR's and power supplies as well as networking equipment?


We have been using DDB but if there is a solution out there that is less expensive I would like to know about it.





Camera Choice:

Tag Cameras:

I know Bosch/Extreme is the most popular TAG camera out there. Is there others that work as well? Is there an IP solution?

Vehicle ID Cameras:

What is the camera of choice for Vehicle ID?




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