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unix hero cameras

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Never heard of them.

Resolution is the same as others though, still 768x494 effective pixels.

Standard OSD, only 12VDC though.

Standard Varifocal lens (they dont say if its an IR aspherical or not)

Digital WDR, its more of a gimmick in most cases.

They dont give much details, especially on the lux levels.

With the infrared inside the dome like that, can expect reflection if not careful after making adjustments.

Overall, its okay, its not "amazing" though, its a standard IR dome.


Also it mentions a "high light" feature, no idea how that works, would be better if it was included in a vandal dome though as an Indoor dome wont work for most licence plate applications. CNB has a similar feature. In fact most of the features in this are in the CNB and even the KT&C cameras.

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It has a Hero chipset which is developed in Korea.

Some says good however analoge is very subjective.

1/3" Sony Super HAD II CCD may be difficult to show 650 resolution in Color.

I guess it will have good price!

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