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  1. Check resolution output settings in dvr menu. Also make sure monitor can support resolution. Are you connecting to a yellow rca input? Or is it combo component video/rca? There might be setting on tv if that is issue.
  2. FIERCE4203

    Recommendation for Residential System

    I think you are trying to ask what other event recording options are there? Rain is making false motion recordings? Look for a system that does anayltics e.g. line travese region entering etc. Or hook up a pir motion detector to the dvr.
  3. FIERCE4203

    Best Baluns for HDTVI with Power

    Check out gem network products. Use their baluns all the time. Owner is very knowledgable.
  4. FIERCE4203

    ISC East 2016

    Didnt think it was worth the trip this year. Definetly felt smaller than previous years.
  5. I posted this exact problem on another thread. I can see systems going online and offline while logged into hik ddns. I am in process of moving clients over to dyndns. I have been in contact with Hikvision and been getting the runaround. IPVM just released something in regards to their cloud security and ddns being vulnerable.
  6. FIERCE4203

    FPS at night question

    I think you are mistaking frame rate as frames per second and shutter speed or exposure. Shutter speed for night vision would be typically 1/30 to 1/3 depending ambient light. However reading plates you would need fps of 30 and alot of ir light with shorter exposure time aprox 1/250.
  7. FIERCE4203

    Hikvision DDNS errors

    I am from US. Yes I am aware about region specific. If I login to hik online I can actually see my clients turning on and off throughout the day. How many systems do you have using hik ddns? I have about 15-20 experiencing this issue.
  8. Wanted to see if anybody experiencing same issues I have been having with hikvisions DDNS service. Have a bunch of accounts that are unable to view over ivms4500 app getting not registered in ddns. However able to login via internet browser. Of course Hikvision tech support doesnt offer any insight oter than hard reset dvr. They admittted to problems updating DDNS servers last friday but this is a couple weeks now.
  9. FIERCE4203

    BNC connector questions

    RG6 fittings are going to be too big meaning will be loose on the rg59 cable. Where are your failures with the connectirs or the wiring? Use a multimeter for cable. If you are having problems with cheap bnc connectors you can spend the money and buy belden compression bnc. They have sliding pins that eliminate blind insertion.
  10. FIERCE4203

    Problems with Hik-Online

    If you are creating a ddns account from the dvr/nvr you do not have to go to hik-online to register. Make sure it says success after inputing info for ddns. Hik ddns server are continually going down. They are saying they cant keep up with demand and are going to add more servers eventually. Connectivity has been horrible for the past month lets see if they do what they say they will do.
  11. If anyone is having connectivity issues with hikvision DDNS it is known. They are having problems and have a scheduled update for the weekend. For meantime use the public ip to connect.
  12. You can record 24*7 and also make a motion event at same time. Its all under record settings and motion within nvr not cam. Easiest way is do it from ip address of nvr.
  13. Camera sees that event as motion and you will get an event on hikvision cams as well as transition from day night vice versa
  14. FIERCE4203

    Residential System Question

    Depending upon building construction install power supply and run power to each cam location. Look into hd-tvi for megapixel cameras over coax.
  15. FIERCE4203

    Finger print

    Check out kronos many big firms use them.