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How do I recognize a Dahua DVR?

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Hey Everyone,


After reading the forum for several days now, it looks like a Dahua DVR is best to fit my needs. Problem is, I'm having trouble finding them. At Rory's suggestion to others, I have looked at Mace and Qsee (can't find Intellicam anywhere, is it maybe Intellipix?), but would like to look at other brands as well.


For example, monoprice.com has a dvr with the following specs:


Monoprice is proud to offer a high quality cost effective DVR solution for your security system! Featuring a user friendly linux based mouse driven graphical user interface (GUI), remote access via Internet Explorer for menu control and monitoring of playback, a maximum recording rate of 240 frames per second (FPS), H.264 video encoding which uses up to 50% less storage space than Mpeg4 encoding, event notifications to e-mail or PC client systems, and various backup options available such as a USB flash drive, an external CD/DVD writer, or the included DVD-RW drive, this is a DVR that provides the ultimate level of protection for your home or business at a price that's affordable.



- User friendly graphical user interface (GUI)

- Mouse driven GUI

- Easy to use menu composition

- Easy to use recorded data search (time, date, motion, alarm)

- Auto restart after power interruption

- DB structure offers data stabilization and optimum storage utilization

- Remote control via client program

- Remote full access via Internet Explorer (menu control, monitoring, playback)

- Pan, tilt, zoom control

- Embedded Linux OS

- H.264 encoding (uses up to 50% less space than Mpeg4)

- Multi channel playback

- IR remote control

- Event notifications to e-mail, buzzer, or PC client system

- Various backup options available (USB flash drive, external CD/DVD, SATA DVD-RW (included))

- Storage: 3 SATA hard drives up to 2TB each for a total of 6TB maximum (not included)


Is there any way to figure out if this is Dahua or not?

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I dont think any of monoprice DVR's are Dahua's. For mace, the model number for the Dahua DVR that is talked about most on this forum is:

SQ40, SQ80, and SQ160.

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Thanks Sean. I did see those on the Mace website, but I was hoping to find a few other sites that carry them so I could find the best price.

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Unless you can qualify as a distributor (mass purchaser), you probably wont find much of a better price anywhere else, if so, it will be insignificant.

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