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I have been using the Hikvision DVR (16 channel) with the following configuration for the last 1 year.

MODEL : 7016HI-S




However, now when I preview any previous recording, two screens appear on the monitor. The upper part of the monitor shows a still image and the lower part shows the recording.


I shall be much thankful if you could guide me in solving this problem.

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Never seen that. That is an old/discontinued model, maybe an old unit that is failing and reaching its end of life?


You might want to backup your config, restore to factory settings, and do some tests with a new config (manual record/playback) to see if it works ok. If it doesn't, maybe something has phisically failed on your unit, and if it is out of warranty, it would not be worth repairing.


I would also try playback over network from IE, that way you can see if it is actually playback that is not working ok, or if the recording has been made with the upper part of ther image frozen.

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I have a problem with DVR DS-7208HWI-SH

I can't display its page on any browser.

also, I can't display it throw the internet after ((Migration to hik-connect.com))

Please, what can I do ???



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Got an 8 port NVR that suddenly stopped working.
All the network ports for cameras are blinking all lights simultaneously

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