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differences between nv3000 nv3000 lite nv5000 nv5000 lite

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NV3000 4 cameras 30 total frames per second with one IP camera support

NV5000 4 cameras 120 total frames per second with up to 4 IP cameras


Basically with 4 cameras on a NV3000 your only going to get 7.5 frames per second per camera. 4x7.5=30


With a NV5000 you can run 4 cameras at 30 fps. 30x4=120


If you even think about having more than one IP camera, then the NV3000 won't work.



Hope that helps.


EDIT: I just realized your asking about the Lite naming. My guess it's just a marketing thing to separate the NV3000/NV5000 from the more modern PCIe cards.

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