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Reintroducing deleted recordings

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I am using a NV7480 card and need to watch "old" recordings.


Using a "recovery tool", I found *.dvr and *.idx files deleted by the system. How can I watch these recordings ? I put the files in a more recent folder and renamed them without success. Visual or any other search mode does not find any picture for the selected date!


Is there any other way or tool to watch, convert or print those "recovered pictures" ?


Great thanks for your help or any advice.


Greetings to all.



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You can try renaming the .dvr files to .mpg, and playing them in something like VLC player. I just tried it (from my AverMedia NV6480), and they played, although the speed was super fast. I haven't had time to explore that. Possibly they could be put into a video editor program, and you have more options at that point.

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