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Axis 241S Video server question

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The Axis 241s video server that i have a chance to buy is listed as a "blade server"

Am i able to use a "blade server" as any other video server or is there a special housing required for it?


Another option for me to purchase is the Axis 2401+ video server

Does anyone have any experience with and/or an opinion of that one



A brand new Grandstream gvx3501 video server, with shipping, works out to about $120.00


Is anyone familiar with the Grandstream GXV3501 video server

It is listed as being an h.264 video server

Is it any good


Grandstream is a big name in ip phones but i have not seen any reviews of their video servers


I am ready to make a purchase so i would appreciate any input


Thank you in advance

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The blade server more then likely won't do you any good.. as its most likely a blade meant to go into a blade server which is in essence a rackmout high density chassis...


so basically its useless without the chassis..


As for the 2401 i beleive that was an older model before the 241s from what i saw.. im not an expert but depending on your application it might work fine if the price is right... I'm not sure what the difference between the 241 and the 2401 is..


hope that helps at least abit

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hope that helps at least


I just bought a Geutebruck Cam2IP Encoder and Software from off of the internet


I hope to post an evaluation of it after i get it

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