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Version 8.5 Unable to speed up video in viewlog?

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Anyone else encountering the speed up button being unavailable on version 8.5 in the viewlog portion of the software? Video shows fine at 1x and lower but for the locations upgraded to this software (2 of them) they are now unable to speed the video up.




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Yes, had that problem on the first unit I built with 8.5. Posted the issue elsewhere but got no answers. I could slow down the playback, then speed it up again until 1X, then no more.


At least I'm not alone !


I downgraded that unit to, have stayed with that on new units this week as well. I'll wait for 8.5.1 I think.

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I had this same problem and couldn't figure it out. I got this reply from Geovision and it sorted the issue



Thank you for writing to GeoVision.


The only possible for this situaion is that you log in an account with fack mask on.

When face mask function is on, video play back will be limited to 1X or lower.


To Enable the Face Mask for an User Account:

1. On the GV-System, click the Configure button, select System Configure, select Password

Setup, and select Local Account Edit. This dialog box appears.




2. Select a Power User, User or Guest account and click the Viewlog tab at the bottom.

3. Clear the selection for Display detected faces to blur human faces when the user wa

recorded events in ViewLog.

4. Click OK.


I hope that I was able to help you with your issue. However, if you are still having any problems, please don’t hesitate to reply to this email and let me know. I’d be glad to help.


Best regards,


GeoVision Technical Support

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Why would Geovision put such a restriction on the Supervisior account? Most of my customers want to be able to log in as a supervisor and have full control of the system. This includes being able to fast forward thru video files when necessary! I think they have enough sense to slow the playback to observe something of interest.


Hopefully this option GETS REMOVED in version 8.5.1!!!!!

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