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cctv download problem???

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i have a CK-DVR-4920 but i cannot download the file to my pc...

i tried to get the 260gb hardisk and put it directly to the primary slave of my PC, but it was not detected.

i tried also to use the USB port, and connect it to my PC... My PC recognizes a USB Mass Storage and says it is readu to use. but i cannot find it in "My Computer

i tried to use the software but the software doesn't recognize it neither

i used another software and it is recognize at IDE 0 -Usb Mass Storage, but that software doesn't support my dvr.

how can i get the videos i need?







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I am going to say this is because the drive is most likely a linux format, ext3 most likely. If you want to view it on your system try using a linux boot disk this should pick up the drive.

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