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extreme cold weather cameras and equipment (-60)

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I'm running a couple sanyo hd3500s and an acti 7411 outside in Fairbanks.


I mounted 1 sanyo with a 2" blue foam donut fitted around the outside of the dome casing to hold in the heat a bit, the other sanyo is just surface mounted. Haven't seen any difference between the 2 so far. This will be the 2'nd winter for these cameras.


-52F at my house this morning and all cameras reported for duty.


I am running everything on 24VAC backed by a UPS to keep things alive (and warm) if the main power should fail for a bit.


The temps are well outside the camera specs, but so far so good...

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Sounds like we're neighbors then. Temps are almost back up to where you can bend wires again.


Here's a pic of the foam install. Not real pretty, but it's not too obtrusive when painted to match the building. I'd advise using a circle cutter instead of a jigsaw like I did.









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Awesome solution there!


We had to install some cameras in a blast freezer, have a look at pelco's website they have some domes which go down to sub -100 degrees c or something ridiculous that we used.


They have heaters pre-installed in them and everything.


They did cost an Arm and a Leg, but if you have to do a new install check them out.

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