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Locked out of my iCatch DVR!!

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I have an iCatch 4ch DVR, it's the 411L model, I assume it's been discontinued because I can find NOTHING on google for this thing.


Somehow the stupid thing has changed the password and locked me out. I tried the default password of admin/123456 plus a dozen plus variations of the password I KNOW I set it to and have been using for almost 2 years.


I can only conclude that someone has hacked it and taken control of it from remote.


I've looked on the back of it and I can not find a reset button like most little devices have, IE a WIFI router. Most things have a button you can press and it resets it back to factory settings.


I've tried to log into it through the web interface and through the local UI via the mouse. It simply will not let me in, period.


I have to assume the worst and now I believe I have no other option than to do a hard reset back to factory defaults.


Can someone PLEASE help me??



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Never mind. I contacted the company and they gave me a master password that let me back in to do a factory reset.

After that I could log in using the default admin/123456 again and I spent 1/2 an hour setting everything up again.


This time it's much more secure. And I know the master reset password as well so it's impossible to be locked out again..

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