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Limited User Causes Unlimited Remote Access Problem With IP

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Hi everyone,


GV 8.5 NVR

6 Analog cams (channels 1-5)

1 GV MFD130 IP cam (channel 6)


--"user" = limited user

--"owner" = supervisor


Scenario 1:


** User "user" which is a restricted user is logged in at the NVR.

** Its privileges are only camera 1 locally, but all 6 cams remotely.

** User "owner" which is a supervisor logs in remotely using webcam.

** He can change to all cameras EXCEPT channel 6 where it hangs.


Scenario 2:


Same issue as scenario 1 with Multiview except "Video Loss" shows instead of "Connect to Server..." and hanging.


Scenario 3:


I have tested this with only being local to the network with laptop, instead of going through the internet and same failure.



It seems like if NVR is locally logged in by a restricted user, IP cameras don't show remotely, no matter what privilege the remote user has.


Has anyone seen this?

I think this is a defect, unless I'm missing something obvious.


Thank you for your input.

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