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  1. VirtaNi

    Geovision 8.0 Requirements

    how to determine the ability to update the software Geovision?
  2. VirtaNi

    hikvision dvr ddns setup

    Hikvision DDNS Management System for example
  3. VirtaNi

    HIKVISION DS7204-HVI-ST FTP backup

    slightly depart from the initial issue ) there is a separate client to backup archives for windows OS Remote Backup Software 1.1 Overview The Remote Backup software is the client application specially developed for the video file backup from the remote embedded DVR. It is also applicable to DVS with SATA hard disk, IP Camera and IP Dome with SD card. 1.2 Computer Disposition Request Operating System: Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Windows 7 CPU: Intel Pentium IV 2.4 GHz or models above RAM: 1G or above Display: 1024×768 resolution or above Remote Backup Software v1.0 build 2010.01.07
  4. VirtaNi

    DVR with android support

    Hikvision iVMS-4500 or iVMS-5060 support all hikvision dvr`s
  5. 1 decode stream with VLC media player )) 2 cctv - Closed-circuit television )
  6. rtsp 81ххHFI-ST и 91ххHFI-ST. Main stream: rtsp://admin:12345@ rtsp://admin:12345@ Sub stream: rtsp://admin:12345@ rtsp://admin:12345@ from http://www.hikvision.msk.ru/forum/6-114-1 decode stream with VLC media player
  7. VirtaNi

    GV 1240 . best motherboard ?

    Celeron CPU too weak to accelerate multi-view. interface speed is not the bottleneck, the bottleneck is the speed of data access. full testing result view or view. tests in Russian, but you can find similar and in English. I think that the firewire connection does not greatly affect the speed
  8. VirtaNi

    GV 1240 . best motherboard ?

    tested MoBo (pci 2.2) http://www.hikvision.msk.ru/forum/3-47-1 need to use separate physical HDD to the system and to archive the video, do not use the green series discs. one of the fastest (and in the work proved to be reliable) WD FAEX drives series.
  9. Product Downloads - Geovision Downloads http://u.to/RLD8AQ forum for some reason, does not publish a direct link GeoVision Main System 6.0.5 Main System (full version) 6.1.1 Main System Upgrade 7.0.5 Main System Upgrade 7.0.5 Main System (full version) The following files are split into 200MB archives: 8.1.2 Main System Part 8.2.0 Main System Part 8.3.3 Main System Part 8.4.0 Main System Part 8.5.0 Main System Part GeoVision Hardware Drivers 6.0.5 Drivers 6.1.1 Drivers 7.0.5 Drivers 8.1.2 Drivers 8.2.0 Drivers 8.3.3 Drivers 8.4.0 Drivers 8.5.0 Drivers thanks rory " title="Applause" /> Read before upgrading http://amax-sb.ru/_fr/0/software_downlo.pdf
  10. in the IP camera remote settings, check the box to "upload to center"
  11. Try to take the recorder \ camera under the protection of press "guard" in the drop-down menu
  12. VirtaNi

    GV-1480 webcam issue

    try IE x86