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'GeoCodeRege.exe' won't run on any PC I have

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I'm trying to get evidence from a break in last night to police and have, of course, just discovered that geoviosion uses a proprietary CODEC to create their avi's (thanks a lot). I'm trying to install the codec on my windows 7 PC (and my windows XP laptop) and when I try to run GeoCodeReg.exe that I downloaded or that was on the CD, it just doesn't run. I double click, and nothing happens. I right click and select Open, and nothing happens. Can someone PLEASE tell me how I can get to these files so I can get them to detectives ASAP??


Also, while I'm at it, is there some way to make geovision use a STANDARD codec?!?!?! It seems completely asinine to use a proprietary codec on the one system that you need to play on your PC, the police PC, a court PC etc.


Thanks for any input.



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Windows media player will play the standard AVI files from a Geovision


Never had an issue with this on any Windows based PC/Laptop


when you went into video/audio log to playback footage, you selected AVI icon and mergered the file etc, you use windows own CD writer function or Nero or another SW to burn the disc?


VLC player will play geo codec

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The Geo codecs can be a big PITA to deal with, compared to other DVRs these days that use generic H.264. If you have codec packs installed for example, you may run into problems playing it.


Windows Media Player WILL NOT play Geo AVI files without the codec first being installed.

And then as mentioned, if you have codec packs or other codec issues, it wont always play, or might but with lower quality or require configuration of the codecs.


VLC will play GeoVision files, but upside down.


Best method for evidence sharing with Geovision is to use the backup feature and include the player. Ofcourse still need the Codecs to register.


On XP should be no issue at all, make sure you are an ADMIN.

On windows 7, right click on the EXE, Select Compatibility, and set it to XP SP3.


Also, check my site under GeoVision software for other options that might help.

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