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GV 600 (S) 16 ports card need help - Geovision software

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I got Geovision PC based system as add-on to my house. I purchased house 6 years and since that system worked well. I hane 7 cameras connected.

But PC got crashed and there is no any software disk (CD/DVD) or even info who made this sytem. Previous owner in not reachable.


I spend several days reading internet and only what I know is that my card is Geovision 600(S) V3.21, from imidges I can asume that I been using Geovision softvare 6.. or 7.0-7.2 Windows XP- I can use PC with Windows 7 if needed


I found version 6 software but it has no 600(S) drivers. As is writen on internet software from 7.5 require USB dongle. There is no such in my system.


When I installed v 8.2 there is no video, only video is lost even some black screen apearing during connection of camera


Some person on internet recomended to use 7.2 but where to find it?


Please help!



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Product Downloads - Geovision Downloads


forum for some reason, does not publish a direct link


GeoVision Main System

6.0.5 Main System (full version)

6.1.1 Main System Upgrade

7.0.5 Main System Upgrade

7.0.5 Main System (full version)

The following files are split into 200MB archives:

8.1.2 Main System Part

8.2.0 Main System Part

8.3.3 Main System Part

8.4.0 Main System Part

8.5.0 Main System Part


GeoVision Hardware Drivers

6.0.5 Drivers

6.1.1 Drivers

7.0.5 Drivers

8.1.2 Drivers

8.2.0 Drivers

8.3.3 Drivers

8.4.0 Drivers

8.5.0 Drivers


thanks rory " title="Applause" />


Read before upgrading http://amax-sb.ru/_fr/0/software_downlo.pdf

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