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Seeing as this thread was just revived, I'm hoping that someone who has been working on install of the 5080R or 7080R can provide some sample pics/video of the results.


5080R would work extremely well for a few of my locations but I am not willing to pull the trigger without seeing some samples first (especially night time performance). From what I can tell, support and marketing efforts from Samsung are fairly non-existent for these cameras.


I would just "buy and try" but all of the places that have the camera available at a reasonable price are charging very hefty restocking fees, or won't even take returns and I don't want to be left holding the bag, which almost happened to me after the purchase/return of a Brickcom unit.

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I bought 2 camera SNO-7080R and I have the same problem with both. 

When I record the event on the SD (32GB class 10) after 6-7 day it stops to record even if I enabled the OVERWRITE function.

The only solution is format the SD from the camera broswer even if I have 3GB still free.


The firmware is 1.20_111227

And the messagge log it reports "SD Memory Card Database error".


Could you help me ?



I upgraded the firmware to the version v1.22 but I still have problems. Do you have suggestion to fix the problem ?

Should be the memory of 32GB too big for the camera ?

I'm using a Transcend 32GB class 10, could be a Sandisk a better solution ?

Or the problem could happen after a power down of the camera ?

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From an end users point of view, my snb-5000 is as high high quality as my iq751


As far back as Samsungs snc-550, the snc-550 is a realy high quality camera


As far as gvi branded camera's on Ebay, if some one saw one for $100 for a new one, from my end user point of view, I'd say that it would be a good deal


By the way, Samsung has a few sales right now:



Unrelatedly, I want to thank all of the professionals on this forum for sharing thier knowledge and experience


[if ya can't pick it in under two minutes, drill it]

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Why Samsung make their most products successful? phone, laptop, tablets, Screen, even the camera, very nice.

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Have you tested the new firmware v2.0 ?

I think that the intelligent analysis does not work properly......

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