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Camera/ 12v wire gets extremely hot!!

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I have recently been tasked with installing a CCTV system in my police station. I have never fooled with cctv systems before. I did some research and finally got started a week ago. This is my system so far:


2- 16 Channel AVer Hybrid DVRs

Sony IR Dome cameras (for inside)

4000ft. siamese cable

2- 18 channel-12v power distribution boxes

4 mini board cameras with built in microphone (for interview rooms)


Ok, so I have all indoor wire run. I tried to stay away from any AC wires as much as I could. I terminated all cable ends with BNC connectors in my DVR room and hooked up the 12v power source. I then began to install the cameras. First dome camera was installed in a hallway and worked fine except for some interlaced interference. Next I installed a board camera with the microphone. At the camera, using my handheld screen, the camera worked fine. But when plugged into the DVR I get a video loss message. I then go back to the camera an notice that the 12v wire and camera are extremely hot. I then notice that at the 12 power box, when I turn off the box, the LED's are still dimly lit. I then found that one 12v positive wire is somehow getting power and feeding it back to the box. I disconnect that line and try again. Still gets very very hot using a second 12v line (I ran two siamese cables in that room, one for video and one for audio). Where could the line be getting power from and what is causing it to get so hot? Does this type of cable have a history of failing or the insulation separating and causing a short somewhere?


Any help is appreciated.

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Sounds like a damaged wire, possibly a pinched wire with the power lead shorting to the coax shield. I'd check all my runs for damage/pinches/cuts. If you're stapling wires, make sure you didn't staple THROUGH a wire.


You shouldn't be getting interference with just the first camera hooked up, unless it's a VERY low-quality camera, or VERY low-quality wiring. What make and model are the cameras (particularly the first one you installed)? What do the various markings on the wire say (particularly on the coax part), or on the wire box?


How are you wiring up the microphones in the board cams?


Are these all analog cameras? If so, why would you go with two hybrid units instead of a single 32-channel DVR?

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I have full chip sony super had II 1/3" IR dome cameras. Not sure what brand of wire I have but I know it wasn't cheap. i am thinking it is a bad run of wire. I hooked up another camera last night in a different location and it worked perfectly. I think I am just going to re-run that wire to see if it fixes the problem.


I bought the 2- 16 channel DVRs because I got them for $600 each. I couldn't find a 32 channel DVR at that price.


The microphones are connected using the same cable as the video with an BNC-RCA adaptor.


I have the DVRs located in the server room sitting between a server and the IP KVM in the rack. So maybe the servers are causing some interference?

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