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While stopped at intersection- have you looked up lately?

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Red light cameras have become very popular in my area. When I stop for a red light these days, it's a habit to scope out the intersection for red light cameras. But beyond those obvious camera systems, I've noticed something else and I have no idea how long they've been in place; ptz cameras. This is separate installs not connected with red light camera systems, it would seem. I mean at the top of poles at intersections more often than not, there they are. I'm guessing it's police systems or maybe even homeland security. It's not traffic cameras- this is suburban towns I'm talking. Who knows but man, they are up there all over the place. At those heights they appear small, but you know they're watching all kinds of stuff. It is likely that on average, when we leave our homes we're on camera more often than not. Doesn't bother me. But crap...those ptz's I never noticed up there are all over the place. Take a look sometime- you'll see 'em. Lots of 'em.


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