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Geovision Card Recommendation

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I purchased what I believed was a used GEO card, very inexpensive, 2 years ago and it worked fine all this time using 8.3.1 S/W that came with it. All of a sudden I lost video on all 8 channels and cannot get it working again even after reinstalling the s/w.


I now believe it is an illegal card. As I write this I am not near it to check if there is a serial number on it.


I have 3 questions;


Is there any way to get this card going again? anything to try?


I'm torn between buying another Geo card or getting an 8 channel Digital Watchdog standalone unit


If the consensus is the Geo card, where should I but it from. Please recommend the most appropriate web site or even a dealer here on CCTVForum. It wold be the 8 channel version with 120 FPS.


I'm located in both North and South NJ so I can pick it up if you are a dealer local to me.



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I have purchased tons of stuff from DWG. They are in long island & ususally I get things next day from them - though I am also in NY.


I would stick with Geo myself

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ApexCCTV has good prices on Geo cards and they offer free ground shipping too. They're also direct with Geo which ends up being a huuuuge help in the long run if you hit any snags. Good luck whichever way you go.

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