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4 year old Nuvico IR Bullet - Dying/Dead

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Looks like it's time for a new camera. Here are day and night shots from the same camera/same location. What's wrong with it (not that I am going to "fix" it, but am just curious)?






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Thank you for your reply. Much appreciated.


I have not checked to be certain, but am pretty comfortable that the cable connectors are perfect. The cables are connected indoors in a climate controlled area. And, when I installed them, I wrapped them several times with electrical tape.


I might check the voltage, but I suspect it's fine too. I have two other exact same cameras...one shows similar degradation due to age and the other does not. Also, the other cameras on the same system and power supply (but different makes/models of cameras) are all fine.


The day-time image of this camera improves when the sun is at different brightness levels and/or when it's cloudy versus sunny. So, I think whatever mechanism the camera has inside to adjust to changing brightness must simply be dead.


At night, the IR bulbs are likely just dead too. So, I suspect it's just how this make/model of camera ages and wears.


Thanks again for any/all input.

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