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Camera IR leds malfunction

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I've been working on my first CCTV setup for a relative of mine.I set it up and everything worked perfectly.


For 2 days. Then 2 of the cameras started malfunctioning - Built-in IR leds that were supposed to lighten the warehouse in dark stopped working properly eg. i can see(with naked eye) that the LEDs are glowing dimly (more dimly than what i can see from the other warehouse where cameras of same type work perfectly) but the LEDs fail to luminate the room (signal, picture etc are good, just dark). I removed one of the cameras and put a working one from an another warehouse in its place. Same thing. 2 days and then (visible from the recording) - lumination just gets dimmer and dimmer until its dark in about 10 or so minutes.


I've tested voltage, everything seems to be good (without the camera hooked up to the adapter). I also sent the pair back to the salesman, but they told me that everything works fine in their testroom so they returned them.


Setup is as follows:


Universal adapter 5/6/7.5/9/12V=3A 13.5/15V 2.4A for the 2 cameras in that warehouse (one per camera)

Box - https://www.wiretechgadgets.com/4CH-H-264-Network-DVR-supports-SATA-HD-VGA.6227?filters=LS-9004H-s with a SATA 1TB hard drive


Any ideas about the IR leds or how to fix the issue?


PS: Sorry if my english is bad and if i've broken any rules.




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Hi you said you checked the voltage but did you check the current that was available? as leds are current dependant and this is where you maybe losing the supply?? chances are Leds are pulling more juice than the cameras themselves depending on the type and arrangement?

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