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~4 Door Networked Wiegand Controller

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Can anyone recommend a networked controller that will control about 4 doors?


I already have a bunch of Wiegand (Essex) Keypads. So I like the unit to work with these.


I would also like to be able to control and change access codes remotely. Web interfaced preferred.


Would be nice to setup schedules for codes too.


Only need about 5 to 10 codes it needs to maintain tops.


Not looking to spend a fortune on this. I have a webcast/cassi russo/ge already, just looking for something a bit more modern.


$200 to $300? reasonable?



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Software house ( http://www.swhouse.com ) has a 4 door IP controller now called the iStar Edge. The head end software isn't cheap, but the entire system can be expanded into an enterprise system easily if ever need be. They also have a small SiteServer now for running the head end software. It blows ge/cassi out of the water in my opinion.


Tyco owns Kantech and Software House, but I've never messed with any Kantech stuff.



DSX ( http://www.dsxinc.com/ ) is another option. It's no more difficult than ge/cassi hardware wise, the software and programming takes some getting used too, but it's dirt cheap and rock solid. Worth checking out the prices or becoming a dealer for if looking for small systems and cheap. It's actually expandable into a pretty good sized system.


All of the above use wiegand readers.

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