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limit of recorded time in vivotek cameras?

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Suppose I have a vivotek FD8161 or higher end type vivotek camera and a Synology DS413 NAD/NVR


The camera is set to motion detection when 1280x800/10 or12fps recording is set. Is there a limit of recording time other than the free space on the NAS? Suppose somebody is in 'motion' in the area of the camera for 10 minutes. will the camera record all 10 minutes in 1280x800/10fps if the NAS have the free space?

can the camera set to record directly to the NAS without a server/management software continously running?

if not, what type of camera u suggest for this purpose which works this way?



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Hi Joe. I have vivotek cameras installed and it was frustrating in the beginning but after few days I figured it out and it is a bit easier now.


Well regarding the motion detection they have strange limitation of recording when a motion is detected. In the setup you have to specify to record motion again after minimum 1 sec, then it will record when detects the motion again. I have to say that in this case i am not getting all the motion that I was suppose to get. Lot of things can happen in one sec.

You have to really test a lot to get what you want. I know I did.

If I am missing something please let me know (anybody).


It is recording directly on NAS without the software and it is fine, didn't reach the limit yet. I have 3 TB and it is good for around 2 months for my configuration.

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hi thanks for the info.


well, to work directly to NAS is an advantage, but this kind of motion detection is just unacceptable.


as far as I understand if a motion is detected , the camera records only 1 sec and then skips another sec? or it records continuously when motion is detected then if not, it stops and starts again but at least after only 1 sec of non-recording?


I am thinking of Arecont cameras just because of this but as far as I know they cannot record directly to NAS...so I need a 'server' installed where the NAS is mounted.

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ok, so let's try this way:


if I set the motion detection recording not on the camera but on the surveillance system, like Synology DS413, in this case do I have this 1 sec off problem?




in table:

motion detection: By Camera, By Surveillance Station


if I choose and set motion detection By Surveillance Station

is that a solution?

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It will depend on how the surveillance recorder has implemented it, but of the 3 I've tried (Blue Iris, Aver NV6240, and Milestone XProtect Go), they all recorded as long as they detected motion, plus any additional record time and any pre-detect time specified.


Blue Iris, for example, lets you specify how many frames for the pre-detect recording, how many seconds the motion has to take place before the recording is triggered, and how long after the motion detect stops that the recording will continue.


These are in addition to the motion sensitivity settings that trigger the motion detect in the first place.


I'm using 4 Vivoteks (3 x IP8332 and 1 x FD8134), and they work the same as my other cameras. I've never used the onboard motion detect on these.

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