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Hi Everyone


So here goes....


I have self installed 4 x CCTV systems to date. I have bought all of my equipment from Skywaysecurity. I am based in Botswana, Africa and there are minimal reputable people in this part of the world so I took the chance of importing the stuff myself.


All of our sites have wirless internet connection and transmit via the local ISP's canopy to our headoffice for remote viewing.


One of our stores sells jewellery and exotice leather, including loose diamonds (in security cases), diamond rings, diamond studs,ethnic hand made gold jewellery etc etc I think you get the picture.

So it is a pretty high value high risk environment.


The system I currently run from skyway is very grainy and is obviously analogue.


My problem being is I need much better clarity , i.e face recognition ( POS til is about 3m from where the camera would be placed) aswell as being able to distinguish which packet of cigarettes was sold ( also from a mounting distance of 2m-3m). I am running quickbooks POS and am not sure if text overlay would be available.


I am looking for a supplier who:


1.) Will ship internationally , obviously

2.) 4 camera system, domes as I have a very low ceiling. lighting is pretty good being a jewellery outlet with close to 30 downlighters in the shop.

3.) at least 21 days of recording , pref a month

4.) remote viewing from an offsite location

5.) Cellphone viewing

6.)Clarity - my main issue... I dont need holywood but from what I have seen so far 1.3mp looks more then adequate but maybe you guys will advise me otherwise?

7.) standalone DVR (only used this to date, dont have a pc but do

have a better option??)


I have no outlets here where I can actually physically visit and see what I should expect/can expect from a system. I have been to so many sites and there are sooooo many variables... Is the skyway stuff just generic cr@p or is it your general run of the mill ?


My budget limit is approx $2000 for the entire system(dont need a monitor). Keep in mind the shipping to this part of the world is extortionate... So I am trying to source from South Africa but again there is so much.


From the above I am thinking about $150 - $185 a dome , about $850 for a DVR and the last $200 odd for cabling and power...


I have been told that the HD SDI stuff offer a much wider arc so I guess this will allow me to get away with a 4 camera system. The whole shop is only 50 square meters but has many counters. Some counters and their contents (say coke can size) need to be reasonably visible from 4.5m from the actual camera.


Is the above at all possible? I dont mean to waste your time. at the same time if you tell me for $2275 I can get a great system from BigBoySecurity then I will find the money.


Please give me some input , I realise my budget is tiny but surely I can get something.


The crux of my irritation is I have skyway and skyway :P you dont know what mercedes is when you have only ever driven toyota or in this case maybe daihatsu (no offense to anybody who drives/owns those brands )

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Hi Mickey,


I think point is not only how quality are but also parameter programmed in camera. Basically, jewelly, golden, jade store is high challenge for most installer arround, especially where is full of spot light on those brighten and high bounce stuff.


If you are fine i would like to recommend you one expert who is dedicated in this security as well as able to integrate POS text overlay to CCTV system. Most important of all who is located SA and now also expanding territory you there.


So if you are available pls PM me then I would reply you and CC to him.



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