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New Project - help

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Hi All,

Thanks for a great informative site - so much and not really sure where to start.

I am currently based in South Africa and am involved in wildlife and the breeding of rare and endangered game.

I am looking to set up some camera's in breeding camps around the food and water and preferably a system that I can log into remotely via the internet etc.

Now I am not really sure where to start or how to go about getting the right setup so I am looking for some sound advice.


Ideally the solution I am looking for:


Camera's that have relatively good night viewing capabilities, due to the remote location and the lack of power a 12v dc setup would be preferential - will be powered by a 12v deep cycle battery and a solar panel.

Wireless (Lan wifi etc) to a central point where I have access to a fixed IP line.

1mile line of sight capability

Remote viewing through internet.

4 separate stations


Although I have a good technical mind I have very little experience or knowledge in this field. Camera's and equipment need to be fairly weather tolerant.


Look forward to your response.


Thanks and have a great evening

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Hi Mate,


As you mentioned, overall is not key issue for framwork. You just deployed solar power generator with UPS, IR camera, DVR and wife / ( 3G/3.5G) modem. Then signal transmit to centralized station. Then you could remote and control on PC/NB even on cell phone. But I am here would like to recommend you some issue yu may care, you better considering equipping some lightening arrestor and surger protector when raining eason coming. Most damage is caused by act of god.

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The first question would be why you are watching these animals.


Is it for recreation, entertainment viewing - or does viewing the animals have a bearing on their safety ?


The answer to the question could determine one of two totally divergent solutions.

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