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DVR Suggestions?

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I am a police officer and work in a tech unit. I download video on a daily basis but I am installing a system at a local pizzeria. I have a supercircuits brand at my house that i like but its a little pricey. I have downloaded from lorex, geovision, nuvico, qsee, swan, and some others over the years. I am looking to do a non-PC based system with 16 cameras (preferably one that is easy to network with its own dyndns). what would you guys recomment? Supercircuits has a complete system for $1,900 but with 100 for a power supply and another 200 for the siamese cable the price is getting kind of high. thanks for any suggestions.

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It is good that you are searching for a wide range and good quality of security Cameras, you should check various websites regarding these equipment or discuss it with professional installers. In fact i also visit nexlar.com and get sound results.

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