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Catch a PUNK mission - need car cameras !

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Ok hear is the mission I been living in this home for 13 years and same person has scratched, painted around 8 to 10 cars "lost count" have police reports and detectives notified.....The punk comes back randomly and mostly when I get a new car.......Lets just say the punk just got 3 of my cars two nights ago......


I am about to explode and start baseball batting all mu subjects on my list "venting".....


Ok i tried cameras on my house and they come with hoods and mask "dont work"


My mission COST IS UNLIMITED ON THIS ONE "really really really want this punk.....


I am thinking of setting this up away from house with 360 degree cameras hidden inside car so anyone coming within 5 feet is recorded ! I would want full zooms of face the whole works....Asking PLEASE to all the pros and experienced people to think outside the box on this one .....


Because if i don't catch this punk put him into the hospital it will never stop!


I think I can lure this punk back after it is painted and all shiny "new truck" and I also put signs on all my cars telling the punk to come see me instead of scratching my cars like a PUNK...


and if anyone is in my area let me know because I have no clue how to work on cars and installation.........


sorry for venting but kinda ticked off! I will be watching this thread closely any info is MUCH appreciated.....

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I conclude that you are being harassed and want evidence to stop that. You must provide more information to be able to help you.


First decide what you want. Do you want to scare someone off because he knows he might get filmed in the act. Or do you want to catch him with evidence to press criminal charges.


Further you should provide distances, lighting conditions, is it public parking space or on private property and more of that information to be able to give any advice. Or hire a company to advise you and do it for you.

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If angle of camera, zoom of camera and lighting is decent, a crime stoppers video would have a decent chance of someone identifying even with a mask. If there are more than two, a group would be easier to identify.


I 'd like to see your driveway. Without good lighting, angle of view, field of view, quality of recorder, someone could be standing in front of the camera unrecognizeable.


I could go on with specific advise, but I 'd have to see the driveway.


My apt has crappy video. Even the pros don't really treat like their own home.


If you are determined, you will find a way.


Just don't put yourself in jail or prison.

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I'm sort of in the same position. I park two of my vehicles in a garage, but my 3rd vehicle gets parked on a public street. Different times/days I find different parking spots, so a fixed camera is useless. So, what I did was installed a 2mp PTZ and every time a park in a different spot, I turn the camera remotely directly onto my vehicle. Having the camera will not stop anyone from

breaking into it, chances are they won't even know there is a camera watching it because it's so far away. But, at least

I will have a clue who broke into it, submit the video to the police, and for my sake, see who did it and keep an eye out for

that person and destroy him/her if I ever see them. So, my suggestion is get a PTZ and zoom in closely for better detail directly onto your truck, AND put some fixed cameras recording the surrounding area so you can get an idea where they came from

or if they drove off in a car.

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Problem with the police and the law is that it does not follow logic and can work for or against you.


Some countries have laws against filming public area's with fixed camera's. Others just have laws against audio recording in public. Giving evidence to the police might get you arrested, or dismisses the evidence and therefore the entire case, while in other countries it is allowed. Some countries allow shooting trespassers while other countries lock you up for even owning a toy that looks like a gun. Watch out with "destroy him/her" and watch out for what is effective in our feminine society.


If you have a clue who it is, depending where you live you might get a restraining order. Having evidence of him/her being in the surroundings might already get them busted. That is better than having an arrest based on CCTV footage at the cost of a badly damaged car or several damaged cars before you catch them. Trespassing in some countries is only (or much more severely) punishable when there is a fence or a no trespassing sign so that might be a good investment. If that makes the same act breaking or entry instead of a judge accepting a excuse of Oh I just entered there by mistake, that is more effective.


This immensely complicates things, if catching someone with a good image was not already difficult enough. It is important to consider however. If you have not established the goal and right way of filming for the purpose it might bring you nothing but a lot of equipment costs and disappointment.

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