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  1. Robin2

    Yet another newbie and a female one to boot..

    Hi Nimrod and others, The document has gone. Can anyone get me it or something similar?
  2. The EH1008H-4 Nano runs fine with a 3TB disk. Did anyone ever try 4TB disks?
  3. Yes the lens is a M12 board lens. But the camera does not take the thread directly. That is where the adapter comes in. Therefore the adapter needs to be disconected from the lens. but it is bonded very strong. Does anyone know how to seperate the lens from the adapter?
  4. How best to seperate the plastic adapter from the M12 lens? Or (even better) where to get an adapter with the right threads? Does anyone know what the standard thread size on the adapter/ camera is called?
  5. Another picture of the adapter.
  6. As Kawboy12R says PIR motion detection is very nice to have. Sooner or later you will use motion detection to record or to skip to the sequences to watch. Imagine a bush or something else triggering image motion detection needlessly an frequently and not having those false motion triggers using PIR motion detection.
  7. On the axis budget 206 and 207 series it was easy to change the lens. You could simply unscrew the lens and screw in another lens. Easy way to change the field of view to more wide angle or tele. The M12 lenses are widely available everywhere in all sorts and kinds and from super wide to super tele. The quality of cheap aftermarket lenses was often even better than the original lens. Even increasing night-vision capabilities was easy. The successor is the M10XX series camera's which has nice quality megapixel versions for a very decent price. Bummer is they are sold with one lens. Usability greatly increases when that lens can be exchanged. The camera has a lens that can be unscrewed by turning the silver coloured plastic adapter and lens (it is made for it, that is the adjustable focus function). When unscrewed you can see the M12 lens has its threads on the outside as usual. The camera now has its threads also on the outside. A yellow metal ring is incorporated in the plastic adapter. It inverts the outside threads of the M12 lens to inside threads. The problem is how to separate the M12 lens from the adapter. Force did not seem tot help getting the M12 lens and the adapter apart, it seems firmly glued or something similar. Another option is getting another adapter. But what size is the camera thread and where to find one? Any help is appreciated.
  8. Robin2

    IP vs HD SDI

    Coax is a seperate system. IP tends to be integrated with other (data / voice) communication. If changes to the IP system are made the CCTV is temporarily out or problems can arise from changes made because of changes or additions in data or voip connections. Multipurpose use of IP can lead to timing or capacity issues. I witness that sometimes an IP camera connection can get disconnected, only to reconnect seconds or minutes later. If you have a separate system to collect and store CCTV that can be an advantage.
  9. Tried to unscrew the m12 Board lens from the silver coloured adapter. It seems so stuck that I am afraid to destruct the adapter when removing it. Any suggestions? Or does anyone know where to buy an adapter? The M12 thread on the outside of the lens is converted to a bigger thread with the threads on the inside.
  10. Robin2

    IP vs HD SDI

    I agree with this but regarding stability it always amazes me how stable and trouble-free analog runs in use compared to IP.
  11. Robin2

    I need help!

    Have you checked regular IP stuff? Like if your camera's are in the same IP-address range?