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first access control project

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We just got our first acess control project awarded and I am a probably in over my head. We will be using keyscan units and they seem fairly easy to figure out any know gotchas? Also we have been looking at the bundled access control wire. It seems pretty costly (plenum) does the labor saving offset this or am I better to just run individual cables. It looks like running the bundled cable will leave some unused pairs



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Cool your using Keyscan. I'm the rep in the Mid-Atlantic. Access Bundled Plenum can be costly but it could also be a real labor saver depending on the cable runs. Access Bundled should come with the following cables


22/6 shielded for Card Reader

22/2 for door contact

18/4 or 22/4 for request to exit PIR or request to exit button

18/2 for Lock Power



Where do you buy from?

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